For human beings it is taken for granted, for a technical system not implemented so far: the possibility to listen to the conversation of other people and derive activities from the understood contents. The project AcListant (Active Listening Assistant) is going to implement a prototype for understanding the controller-pilot-communication.

Nowadays deployed special purpose decision support tools  (DST) for the approach traffic, better known as AMANs, are implemented to produce efficient sequences of the inbound traffic and guidance advisories for optimized approaches. Information about deviations from the planned sequence is exchanged between controller and pilot via radio communication. The AMAN gets to know this only by changes in the track of the aircraft shown to the controller on the radar screen with a delay of about 30 seconds. The planning algorithm of the AMAN is therefore not timely updated.

The project AcListant will show for a specific airport and its airspace, how to avoid this delay by analyzing the controller-pilot-communication and use the gained information as additional sensor (red arrow in the figure). The improvement of the DST is achieved by extending it with a speech recognition facility.